• Sword of the Morning

    The Dragonborn and Lydia wage war with the enemy: The Forsworn. These barbarian brutes may be covered in fur and hide, but their skills with archaic weapons is unparalleled. Is this the end for our two heroes? Will they survive against the clan?

  • Quest for the Lost Companion

    One of Lydia’s not-so-finer qualities is her ability to get distracted by the mere whiff of danger. When traveling the land, the Dragonborn is forced to keep an eye on her companion to ensure she doesn’t wander away.  So many enemy forces around, so many tedious tasks at hand.

  • Arrow to the Balls

    One very infamous Whiterun Guard explains his side of the story. Is he really as tough as he seems or are tiny violins playing across the land?

  • The Curses of Nature

    At the request of Danica Pure-Spring, The Dragonborn ventures on The Blessings of Nature quest to gather sap from the magical Eldergleam Tree. A pilgrim, Maurice Jondrelle, offers his assistance, but turns out to be worthless in the face of danger on the enemy-ridden roads of Skyrim.

  • Carry These Burdens

    The Dragonborn spends an evening out swashbuckling with another companion. Erik the Slayer may be a farm boy at heart, but he’s fun, excellent with a sword, and easy on the eyes. Will the night go as planned? Not if Lydia has anything to do with it.

  • To Lydia With Love

    Follow the Dragonborn and her faithful-yet-annoying AI companion, Lydia, on their action-packed quest to destroy enemies and face the Dragon God, Alduin.… if Lydia can manage to not mess things up.

  • Stealth Attack

    Oh Lydia, she never listens. This is what happens when you try to sneak up on an enemy with her around. Our last parody in the series will show you what happens after this… an epic battle!

  • Prophesy (Teaser 1)

  • Forsworn (Teaser 2)